Creative papers

The idea nowadays is to use art papers to accompany your message as much in substance as in form. Metallic, iridescent and pearl papers play with light, while tracing paper and transparent papers have the effect of surprise and are suitable for expressing your imagination. Marked grainy paper enhances intensity, vellum and silk papers impress with a touch of class, and hologram papers have that ultra-modern look.

While creative papers have a cost, their use is not necessarily reserved for the luxury sector. A high-end paper will help showcase a serious image.

Transparent paper juxtaposed with print can enhance a new product launch by creating the effect of surprise. Using coloured tracing paper will convey audacity and modernity. Using paper creatively serves the overall objective, with subtlety.

And why not play with the parallel between the paper chosen and the line of business? A marble texture effect will evoke banking or finance. Textured papers convey an image of tradition and quality, relating for example to arts and crafts, leather goods, or the wine sector.

Artbook printing on a black coated paper

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