What are the Advantages of a Hardcover Book?

Why are some books produced with softcovers and others with hardcovers? Why would you choose a hardcover rather than a softcover, which is more economical and easier to produce? Many criteria influence the choice of bookbinding: content, graphic design, target audience, sale price, etc. Soft covers are paper-bound books (glued or stitched) where the inside block and the back of the cover adhere together. For hardcovers, the endpapers join the inside and the cover together. Various elements are added, such as the endpapers, the headbands and the tail bands, the covering material, the card, the back, and the bookmark. If [...]

SILK FOIL: innovative gilding and 7 reasons to prefer it to the “classic” type

As with an objet d’art, gilding enhances the value of a book and improves its visibility in bookstores. It is one of the most upscale finishes available. Until recently, the only way to carry out this process was hot stamping, which consists of depositing a metal film on the cover using a block with all the gilding elements to be stamped, a heat source that can reach 200° C and an enormous pressure that can be as much as a ton! Depending on the number of elements to be gilded, the process can be performed in several passes on the [...]