Students from the Lycee Francais de Sofia paid a visit to Pulsio Print’s machine park and printing press. For a second consecutive year, the Pulsio Print team were delighted to welcome a group of school students who wanted to understand how a modern printing press works.


This year our guests were from the Lycee Francais “Victor Hugo”, Sofia.

Komori HUV

They attended a presentation titled “A brief history of printing”, got acquainted with the prepress process, visited the CTP centre where the offset plates are prepared for print, and saw how a Komori HUV printing machine works..

They entered into our world of special effects, where hardback and paperback books become really special by being laminated (matt, gloss, satin); varnishes with different effects are applied (spot varnish, raised varnish, microrelief etc.); part of the books can be embossed or even debossed; die-cuts in different shape can be applied to the covers, and fore-edge painting can get readers to say WOW.

They also got acquainted with the process of binding, in which already printed sheets are assembled into one body, using different binding techniques: PUR binding, Wire-O spiral, Singer Sewn binding and much more.

By the end of the tour, the students from the Lycee Francais learned the path that almost every book goes through before it comes in their hands. We hope that this print adventure will make them look differently at one of humanity’s most intricate creations – the book.

We believe that the time spent in the company of our experts and the information they received may inspire some of them to one day enter the colourful world of printing.

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