Najoua Belyzel is a French pop-rock/electro artist. In 2005, Najoua released her first single, entitled Gabriel, an electro-pop dance track that became a huge hit in France, Belgium and Quebec, reaching number 3 in the TOP 40 in France. In connection with the 15th anniversary of the song’s release, Pulsio produced for our client a custom complex print product, in the form of a limited collector’s set containing 5 different items, assembled in a precisely crafted box.

Luxury Box

The set is housed in a luxury box measuring 22 x 31 x 3.5 cm, made of textured Olin Rough paper with embossing and silver hot stamping. The exclusivity of the limited edition (of 400 pieces) is shown with a sticker (on picture 123/400) on the back of the box. The box has a magnetic closure, which makes handling it feel different and really special.

As soon as Najoua fans open the box, they will receive (1) a white T-shirt (100% cotton, 140 g) with embossed screen printing, with a black glitter effect, on both sides, with the name of the song on the front (print size: 20 × 8 cm) and its symbol (35 × 45 cm) – angel wings on the back. The T-shirt is made in 4 sizes (S, M, L XL), indicated with small stickers on the foil with which the set is wrapped.

And because the anniversary is a musical one, the box contains music in (2) vinyl and (3) CD format with different versions of the hit song.

The beautiful Najoua shares with collectors (4) 5 photographs of her (size 10 x 15 cm on 250 grams of paper), each with a different theme and scenario.

To make everything truly musical, in a small (5) brochure in A4 format, the musically inclined part of the audience will be happy to find the lyrics of the song and the full score.

If you have an idea to create a similar custom set, do not hesitate to contact our associates. The possibilities are practically endless: anniversary autobiographical editions, thematic professional sets, gift sets.

All of them will be completed by hand in all sorts of possible combinations of items: luxury books, catalogs, magazines, brochures, photographs, posters, advertising materials, music media and much, much more. They can be made with a wide range of media and will have perfectly applied impressive effects.

Services we can perform for your custom set:

Putting together a custom set with products in any combination.

Packaging (by machine and/ or manually) of boxes, magazines, books, T-shirts, music media, etc.

Production of custom boxes, beautiful, durable and easy to use.

Adding music media – discs, records.

Adding a non-printed product of your choice – sent by you or even purchased for you directly by us.

Creating custom stickers and applying them by machine or manually.

Adding personalized information about recipients (names, addresses, messages).

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