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Quality printing deserves quality packaging. That’s why Pulsio puts emphasis on this stage of the workflow.

There are three aspects of the process, and to ensure quality they must all be executed perfectly. These aspects are:

  1. The packaging material itself.
  2. The careful packing of the finished products into that packaging, with protective filling where necessary.
  3. Stacking the packed cardboard boxes on pallets.

Packaging material

Pulsio uses 3-ply boxes made of high-quality material, chosen with care from out of 12 potential partners. For an additional charge you can request your order to be packed in 5-ply boxes. You can find in our packaging portfolio the following:

  • Cardboard boxes produced by DS Smith;
  • Euro pallets made with quality workmanship, at a standard size of 120 x 80 cm;
  • Mini pallets (50 x 70 cm) for small parcels sent by courier;
  • Highly durable thermo-shrinkable film for packing.
  • Pallet stretch wrap.

Stacking and filling the boxes

We have 7 different standard box sizes, to be ready for all shapes and sizes of product. We also have custom boxes for packaging non-standard items. When necessary, we fill the empty spaces to prevent content movement, which can otherwise cause product deformation.

Stacking on pallets

Firstly, we put cover card on the pallet. Then we stack the boxes or packages. When the books are in packages:

  • We use anti-slip pads on each row at all times;
  • The end corners of the pallet have a wider cardboard corners;
  • We wrap the packages on the pallet 5 to 10 times using a stretch wrap machine.

When the books are in cardboard boxes:

  • We strengthen the corners of the pallet, if necessary;
  • We always add additional covering over the pallet.

The pallets are wrapped by stretch wrap machines, strengthened with a special fibre-enhanced stretch wrap for even greater strength and protection.