Sending Your Files

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After receiving your order, we’ll ask you to send your files so that our pre-press department can examine them and get back to you with any questions or comments.

There are several options for sending your files:


1. Via specialised document transfer websites: There are several websites that can be used, free of charge, to send large files. Options include:


2. Via email: You can also attach files to e-mails that you send to your account manager.


3. Uploading to our FTP server: We send you the details for your FTP access. It is advisable that you move documents onto the server directly from your Windows computer instead of using a browser like Internet Explorer. This way you’ll be able to create your folder and upload the documents by copying and pasting or by dragging and dropping.

Go to

If you see an error message, press OK then left click on ‘Log in as’.

You will be prompted to enter your username and password.

Now you will have access to our FTP server and can upload files directly to your own designated folder. Please let us know when you have finished uploading the files so that our pre-press department can get to work on them. 


We’d appreciate it if you don’t use:

DropBox – since the transfer sometimes takes too long and the numerous exchange of passwords might be quite burdensome.

GoogleDrive – to avoid long processes for registration and authorisation.

Nevertheless, if you are used to those methods of file exchange, we’ll take that into consideration.