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The file validation process guarantees the compatibility of your files with the printing process, aiming to amend any errors that might have occurred before going to print. Pulsio Print provides several options.

Electronic proofs

Due to our high standards of control, we use electronic proofs 100% of the time. That also saves time and transport expenses. The electronic proofs are the final, print-ready files of the interior and cover that we send to our clients for final approval before they are uploaded for print.

Digital proofs (cromalins) 

We use digital proofs (cromalins) to check the registration of the colours of the cover or the content. You could also send us digital proofs so that we can comply with your special requirements. Alternatively, we could courier you digital proofs for validation. Depending on the number of digital proofs, the shared expenses are between 20GBP and 60GBP for a digital proof of the cover or a section of the book. The price is: 25GBP (excl. VAT)

Cromalins of a full color book cover with the colour registration
Registration of colour for a digital proof printing

Wet proofs/“Real proof” – (28″ x 40″)

Wet proofs are the most accurate way to see exactly how your finished product will look after print. This is also the most expensive type of proofing. This is due to the fact that instead of making an approximate of how the final print job will look (something that happens with Digital Laser Proof/Dry Proof), here the actual print plates have to be prepared. A book set-up and calibration of the machines has to be done as well. The print run is done by skilled print professionals.

However, bear in mind that the wet proof will cost you less than having to reject a print run of a thousand books if the colours are off, or a last-minute alteration is needed. If you’re printing designs that require speciality colouring or inks, or testing a new paper – wet proofing is an ideal way to ensure accuracy and clarity. It is recommended for more specialised jobs such as high-quality art books, full colour or B&W photo books.

We use the exact same materials and colours to create the proof that we will for the job, even down to the exact same inks. We take your reprographic files to perform a print ‘test run’ to get an accurate idea of how everything will come together in your final packaging so you can feel confident going to press. Aside from these benefits, wet proofing is also helpful as you don’t need to attend the first print press, and quality issues can be excluded.

(1) Once you decide to accept the proof, the same print plates are used to make the final print run. (2) If you reject the proof, the changes have to be applied, and new print plates will have to be made. The prices are as it follows:

Wet proof/“Real proof” – (28″ x 40″)Prices*
Printing 4/0 (4 colours recto)135
Printing 4+4 (4 colours recto and 4 colours verso) 185
Printing 1/0 (black)65
Printing 1/1 (black)100
Printing 1/0 (1 colour Pantone recto)170 (125 if the Pantone is in stock)
Printing 1/1 (1 colour Pantone recto, 1 verso)210 (170 if the Pantone is in stock)
Printing 2/0 (2 colours Pantone recto)210 (170 if the Pantone is in stock)
Printing 2/2 (2 colours Pantone recto, 2 verso)245 (200 if the Pantone is in stock)
Cover 4/0 without lamination150
Cover 4/4 without lamination185

* All prices in GBP (excl. VAT).

*If the Wet proof is laminated, 35 GBP is added to the price.

*If the Wet proof is made and sent by express delivery (2-3 days in total), 35 GBP is added to the price.

28" by 40" real proof printing on Offset machine
Full clour book cover real proof printed
Full clour book cover real proof printed
Real proof printing on Offset machine on a large format of 28" by 40"
Printing of a wet proof of full colour pictures

Blank dummy 

In some cases, we might produce a blank dummy of a book or a catalogue using the actual materials for the job. This blank dummy is made on the same machines on which the entire run will be produced. That allows the client to see the folding, gathering, and binding of the product and its actual size.  The prices for production are as follows:

  • GBP 150 (excl. VAT) for a hardcover book;
  • GBP 80 (excl. VAT) for a sewn and glued paperback book;
  • GBP 60 (excl. VAT) for a glued-only paperback book.


Hardcover blank book cut and bound together
Blank books trimmed and assembled
Blank cover book production
Blank cover book production

Set of printed and folded sheets for approval / Check copy

In this case, you receive a set of printed and folded sheets for approval prior to binding for you to make a final check and make changes, if necessary. That type of proofing is usually used for upmarket and exclusive products. Please note that the replacement of one or more sections implies the reprinting of these sections at your expense.

Set of printed and folded sheets proof without binding
Set of printed and folded sheets proof without binding
Set of printed and folded sheets proof without binding
Set of printed and folded sheets of a book cover and content without binding

Pulsio Print: Processing files before printing

That video that shows the different steps followed by the Pulsio Print prepress service to process and adapt your files in order to have a good quality for your documents.