How to get an ISBN for your book?

Are you an author, publisher, or self-publisher looking to get your book on the market? You will surely need an ISBN (International Standard Book Number), the unique identifier assigned to every published book. This number is crucial for book sales, distribution, and marketing.
Navigating the process of obtaining an ISBN can be confusing, especially for new authors; that’s where Pulsio Print comes in; we’ll walk you through the steps to get an ISBN in the US.

Why is an ISBN important?


Having an ISBN for your book is crucial. Firstly, your book will be easily distributed and cataloged by libraries and bookstores; your book will be listed automatically in the Books In Print database; it is a platform all bookstores and libraries use to search and order books. Pulsio Print strongly recommends customers purchase an ISBN because their work may go unnoticed without an ISBN.
Secondly, having an ISBN brings a brick to establish your brand as an author or publisher; it showcases professionalism in the publishing business and attracts more readers and customers.

Pulsio Print will help you through the process of getting an ISBN

We can assist you in obtaining an ISBN for your book at the best rate. The ISBN is from Bowker, the governmental agency that provides ISBN numbers in the US. As you work with us, you will get the same ISBN and you can be sure you are getting the best value for your money. Our service is fast and affordable, and we offer the best rates in the market. We offer you a unique ISBN for only 29$.

Our process is straightforward. All you need to do is provide us with basic information about your book: title, author, publication date, and price.
We will take care of the rest:

Getting the ISBN for you
Assign the ISBN to the files of your book in all of the needed formats
Generate the barcode and arrange it on the cover of your book


Getting an ISBN for your book is a primary step in the publishing process. Pulsio Print can help you to get the ISBN and have it correctly integrated into your book without any hassle for you. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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