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Promotional materials

Promote your business with confidence using Pulsio Print’s wide range of premium quality products

– Top-of-the-range highest-quality printing with vibrant, stand-out colours
Strong, durable and weather-resistant products
– Customised items with a craftsmanship and style that perfectly complement your corporate image
A huge range and variety of materials, offering you the best advertising medium for any occasion
Environmentally friendly product line
Large stocks to ensure all events, conferences and marketing campaigns are fully supplied
Quick turnover for short deadlines

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Express manufacturing & delivery even for complex projects


438 papers available to showcase your work in an extraordinary way


A variety of sizes, finishes and bindings to suit your needs


Competitive rates

Make your book stand Out

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Whether for brand marketing and awareness, corporate event packages and souvenirs, customer loyalty rewards and gifts, or team identity and presence, no company can successfully operate without promotional materials. This is one area where high-quality products and presentation make a real difference to business success.

When communicating your brand message and identity, the one key component is to look good at all times, to give the strong impression of high-end high-quality in whatever you do. Pulsio Print is committed to making you look fantastic. Our client-centred customised marketing solutions will ensure that your logo, your brand and your products are promoted across the full range of customer experience, giving client recognition of your brand quality every day.

When choosing brand promotion materials, usability is key. Get your logo and message onto items that people will use every day and they will hold, wear and work with your corporate identity over and over again.


Although we live in a digital world, writing will always be part of our daily lives, and this is one area where your brand image can be put directly into people’s hands. Choose from a range of elegant metal and plastic pens, automatic pencils and stylish writing packs.

Environmentally friendly products

More and more companies are focusing on environmental policy today. We offer eco-pens, eco-pencils and eco-cases made from recycled paper, wood and bamboo. Let your brand identity emphasise your attitude towards nature.

Technological accessories and watches

Put your logo on a product of our digital era and be part of the future. Choose from a wide range of USB flash drives, power banks, convenient chargers in all shapes and sizes, and wall and desktop clocks.

Bags, travelling cases and backpacks

Getting your logo and brand image on bags and holdalls ensures that people carry your identity with them at all times. Print your company’s look on laptop bags, document cases, handbags, backpacks, holdalls and travel bags. Customize the experience with your own chosen colours and accessories.

Folders and Business Card holders

All valuable business contacts and important documents should be kept in their own special place. Choose from a variety of folders in a range of different formats according to your needs, and stylish business card holders that will show that you value your business associates and their contact details.

Promotional gifts

Whether you are running a marketing campaign or holding an event like a corporate conference or attending a trade show, make sure you give your customers and potential clients little things that will make them remember you. We offer a wide range of gifts in different shapes, colours, sizes and materials, such as lighters, key rings, tools kit sets, rulers, manicure and make-up cases, antistress balls and many others.

Notebooks and Event accessories

Get your corporate presence on the things that customers use every day, such as elegant notebooks and event badges. Give them great everyday products and make sure they associate your name with a quality workplace experience.


When it’s time to lighten the mood and relax, put your company logo on something fun: frisbees, spinners, puzzles and other sports accessories. If your clients associate your name with having a good time, they’ll always be happy to see your logo and your brand!

Kitchenware and wine glasses

When it comes to usability, kitchen and dining items are a perfect way to get your brand into people’s hands. Associate your logo with glasses of wine to give your corporate image more than just office presence. Bring it into your customers’ office and home kitchens with elegant wine accessory sets, wooden chopping boards, food presentation trays, cups and mugs and water bottles, as well as picnic bags, menus and other food and drink products.

Wall and desk calendars

No matter how digitised a modern office is, a printed calendar will always be a successful part of its interior. Bring your brand image into people’s daily routines with practical, useful calendars and desk diaries.

Caps and t-shirts

People love to receive gifts of clothing and they like to identify with successful brands. At marketing events and for conference goodie-bags, make sure you give out high-quality promotional T-shirts and caps with your logo and corporate message on. Just choose the colour and style that best suits your company image. Check out our range and see which product will be the best fit for your campaign.

Umbrellas and raincoats

For better or for worse the weather cannot yet be controlled by humans. But if the rain comes down at your event or trade fair, make sure your customers appreciate your gifts of umbrellas, raincoats, beach bags and even blankets. A high-quality umbrella will be used and appreciated all winter, and will carry your logo and brand image through the streets every time it rains.

Sports bags and bottles

Gym and sport accessories are a great way to keep your brand in focus when your customers and potential clients are taking time out to have fun, keep fit and stay healthy. Print your logo and message on sports bags and water bottles and let people carry your image to the gym and the changing room, and take your logo with you when out running and cycling.

Other promotional materials

Promotional magnets, hand sanitisers and wipes, fragrances, badges that will surely benefit your company in different situations and during different events.

By request

You don’t need to stick to standard marketing materials and product types when promoting your brand. Think outside the box, and get your logo onto less common items. If you have something in mind, just ask us!


  • What is the turnaround?

    Standard production time is 5 business days for Paperback and 10 for Hardcover (case-bound) books. For custom options such as hot foil and embossing + 3 days. For delivery + 3 to 5 days.

  • Is it the final price or is there any extra cost (taxes etc)?

    The price includes the production and the delivery cost to your door. There is no extra cost. On demand Services and Proof copies are not included.

  • Do I have to pay sales or duty tax?

    No, you do not have to pay any fees, sales or duty tax when you receive your books from us. All taxes are included in the price.

  • When do I have to pay ?

    For a new client, we require 100% in advance. For peace of mind, we can offer 60% before print and 40% upon reception of production proof.

  • Do you offer personal assistance ?

    Yes, you benefit, totally for free (no strings attached) from the services of a personal advisor to help you elaborate your best product: choice of papers, sizes, print runs, packaging, production follow up, everything you need until the delivery.

  • Do you check the files before printing?

    We check your files with a professional software as well as manually. (Files preflighting) We offer as well one hour free prepress assistance with our expert. You receive a digital proof for your approval.

  • Do you provide one proof copy before the final project?

    Yes, we can provide you with a proof copy. We have different proofs you may choose from. (File Validation Process)

  • Do you provide print on demand service?

    Yes, we can print your books with a higher print run to lower unit price and then ship it partially or just one copy when you have an order. Contact our sales assistant to get more information.

  • Do you print custom products?

    Yes, indeed you design your own product and our personal advisor will help you for free to customize it: choice of papers, sizes, finishes, print runs, everything you need until the delivery at your door.

  • My book is special. Do you also print custom size books?

    Yes, we can print your book in your requested size as long as it doesn’t exceed our machine limit. Custom size can be printed Offset or Digital. You can as well customize papers, bindings, finishes.

  • Need more information?

    For more answers to your questions, check out our FAQ page. You can also contact us directly through our Contacts page. We’re here to help!

Check our price: it’s free and it only takes seconds!