If you want to add a touch of class to your books, to make them stand out as quality, high-end publications, nothing adds value quite so much as a beautifully printed and made slipcase.

A Luxury Gift

Whether called slipcases, presentation book boxes, or collector book boxes, they can make the difference both to single publications and to sets or series of books. They give a unique look and feel and can be customised to either showcase original artwork or give the impression of old-fashioned elegance or of a luxury gift. A boxed set makes an ideal present and looks great on the shelf.

Slipcases and book boxes also protect books from damage and general wear, and that in itself says that a book in a slipcase is a good one and worth taking that extra time and care to protect. Books in cases or boxes will last a lifetime and more, while being at the same time very attractively displayed.

Slipcases and presentation boxes can also be used very effectively for corporate presentation. Giving your clients or business colleagues a company portfolio presented in its own specially designed slipcase, with the corporate image and company logo prominently displayed, will immediately lift your image and make you stand out as a high-end, high-value organisation.

To make that high-end impression, whether in book publications or corporate presentations, you can lift the experience to a new level with special effects such as foil stamping, embossing, spot varnishes, die-cutting or gilding. This can be very effective when the cover of the book inside the collector book box is also enhanced with the same effects, but it can also add value as speciality outer packaging to a simple, classic book cover inside.

To make your book boxes really stand out, they can also be covered with cloth, suede, leather or the material of your choice. Finishing options can include ribbon pulls. Your boxes or slipcases can be as clean and simple or as embellished and decorative as you want!

At Pulsio Print, designing, manufacturing and printing high-end presentation book boxes and slipcases are a speciality. Our cutting-edge technology, high-end equipment and experienced, knowledgeable and professional experts combine to make beautiful, high-value presentation boxes and slipcases to showcase the beautiful and high-value books inside, at an equally attractive price.

Pulsio Print is renowned across Europe for producing some of the finest book boxes available today – at a great value.

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