Paris Dakar Rally

Give your catalogue printing a high-end look, like this example by PEUGEOT for the PARIS DAKAR rally.

Your company’s quality is revealed by your printing choices! With an elegant foam-padded cover, high-resolution illustrations, hot stamping for silver and gold type, a selective varnish to make your photos three-dimensional, as well as a finish that propels your catalogue into another dimension, the end result is luxurious, aesthetically refined, and valuable, with images of sublime quality.

For this Peugeot catalogue, an original client gift that drives the image of the brand, the choices of printing, finishing and materials have been thought-through from A to Z. The cover has added volume thanks to the foam padding, a unique colour, silver type to enhance the title and the brand, end papers that continue the navy blue of the cover into the interior, and stitching that gives a hint of luxury while the high-quality gluing ensures the robustness of the book. Choices and techniques that add value to the company right up to the last page!

Distinguish yourself with a 2D effect on your covers

3D Effect

Here is an original way to play with a 3D effect on a cover by using cut-outs. Adaptable to different types of brochures and product catalogues, this high-precision cutting plays with the effects of surprise, touch, and aesthetics as well of course!

In this Bepub catalogue, A5 with Wire-O binding, recently printed at Pulsio Print, the black cover is cut allowing the colour patterns of the page below to show through. The use of colour is here put at the service of visual presentation on the one hand, and the organization of documents on the other hand, with cut-out coloured tabs that structure the information and facilitate reading.

In short, cut-outs are chic, original and a real plus for easy access to the book’s interior contents!

Choose the ideal binding for small formats: Wire-O!

What criteria should be taken into account when choosing the best binding for your documents? Use, reading comfort, technical feasibility, aesthetics and cost.

For example, consider Wire-O spiral binding for catalogues or booklets with low page counts. Inexpensive, it’s the ideal solution for documents that need to be opened flat for ease of consultation. Available in a range of colours and sizes, in both metal and plastic, Wire-O comes in versions with hook attachments, sequential (in other words cut into 2 or 3 parts), or fully integrated into the cover. Its manufacture requires a specific machine, which we have at Pulsio Print, to ensure the most careful and meticulous execution.

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