When it comes to full-colour printing, just being good enough isn’t good enough. The end result needs to be perfect. That’s the minimum required quality standard. After the time and care spent creating your design, whether for a showcase company brochure, product launch marketing material, a graphic novel or a book of fine-art reproductions, you need to be able to find a way of converting your design into a beautiful end product, looking and feeling exactly how you envisaged the physical items to be when you finalised the design.

How can you be certain that you will get this premium quality when you place your order with your chosen printing company?

high-resolution printing of a rainbow painting on a person

Premium Quality

Customers come to Pulsio to print various projects – books, photo albums, catalogues, brochures, leaflets, posters, novels and essays, comic books, boxes and even custom-made products. Those who have already used our services are already aware of our abilities and capabilities. Therefore, the trust between us is already in place.

Total confidence when ordering with Pulsio Print

But if you are looking to start a completely new relationship with a company you have no experience of, you’ll need to be given good reason to trust that company to deliver what they say they’ll deliver.

You will unquestionably be more confident when you have full control over the processes involved when you need excellent results. This applies as much to the business relationship as to physical products. But you do not of course have full control over the actual printing itself.

You want your product’s colours to be as accurate as possible and would like to have the final result guaranteed. Our goal at Pulsio Print is to give you the certainty that you control the quality of your print product from a distance. In other words, you can trust us when you send us your project.

Superheroes, colours and trust

In Hollywood movies, the superhero is always a super-skilled character who can defeat the antagonist, no matter what the scenario is. Apart from his built-in skills, he often has at hand that very special equipment that makes him even more effective and practically invulnerable. You are probably wondering what the relationship between Hollywood and accurate colours in the printing world is. Here’s the connection.

To get the perfect colour printing you require, what you need is:

A perfectly prepared print file It all starts with submitting your file. If it is not perfect to begin with, don’t worry. We have excellent pre-press experts who will make the necessary corrections. The colours will guide our experts as they work on the project.

A proper colour proofing system (hardware and software) – This system will ensure the predictability and consistency of the colours embedded in the file.

А reliable highest-quality printing machine – This machine will print what the colour proofing system already guaranteed. Our cutting-edge technology includes The New Komori HUV, the best and most successful technology in Europe for printing luxury and prestigious publications.

International quality standards – They make the symbiosis between file – colour system – printing machine perfect. At Pulsio Print we have ISO 12647 and FOGRA 39/52. They make sure the system works in a synchronized and perfect way.

What makes Pulsio Print a faithful partner?

To achieve a predictable, consistent and accurate colour result that fully satisfies the customer, every print-house should have a reliable pre-press proofing system (hardware + software) as a part of its workflow.

Digital printings give faithful color rending

The perfect combination of hardware and software

The combination between Epson SureColor P5000 Violet Spectro – versatile and reliable proofing, photography and fine art printer, with excellent Pantone accuracy – and CGS ORIS Color Tuner // Web – web-based soft and hard copy proofing in one package – is perfect.

We won’t talk here about the sophisticated features with which the aforementioned system facilitates the workflow in Pulsio Print. We are only going to share those advantages which have a close connection to the result of the job – the printed product.

Outstanding quality and colour accuracy

Thanks to the combination of Precision Core TFP printhead technology, UltraChrome HDX ink set with eleven outstanding colours and ORIS Color Tuner // Web software, our superhero is capable of reproducing every detail, tone, texture, and brushstroke of the original artwork or photo, delivering unrivalled accuracy in all your printing and proofing work. Our system can do outstanding print quality for you, providing:

Exceptionally accurate dot placement, every time.

Repeatable colour accuracy, every time.

Smooth colour gradation, every time.

Long-lasting print works, every time.

Flawless detail and contrast, every time.

Output consistency on every print, every time.

True colours

Your work will truly stand out from the crowd thanks to the 11-colour ink set. This set gives our clients professional-quality prints that recreate their vision in perfect detail.

Increased optical density thanks to the black ink.

Higher lightfastness and output consistency on every print thanks to the new yellow ink formulation.

Colour imbalance adjustment.

Trust us, and the quality will take on a whole new meaning once you’ve seen your project printed.

Who else can benefit from this super combination

What can be printed with our system is of interest in two major market segments – creating certified proofs for (1) advertising agencies, packaging manufacturers and designers, and print quality for exhibitions in galleries for (2) professional photographers and artists in the fine arts.

The media

Black and white art gallery image

The media (the papers) are the link in the symbiosis and part of the flawless final print result. Our system supports a wide range of specialized high-quality media covering different colour standards.

Your project, your colours

You will be sure of the colours when, after reviewing your print files, we send you (1) a certified proof, and you, in turn, review and validate it.

If you feel that this is not a sufficient guarantee, after processing the files to the above-mentioned standards, our superhero can make for you not just a chromaline proof, but (2) a real offset print. That is to say, your project on the selected paper. We know how to accomplish the mission. We have other superheroes at hand, as the saying goes!

About the final result…

Of course, with such equipment, the result is always impressive. And most importantly, it accomplishes everything you want as a customer: predictability and consistency conveyed by high-resolution printing, and great half-tones and density. And don’t forget that you have passive control over the whole process because you can trust us.

All in all, using this system, the colour remains the master of every project. And you, as a client, will stay in your comfort zone throughout the process – from the file being sent, through validation, to the final result.

Did we miss something?


Actually, the whole process of printing a project in Pulsio involves more than 20 stages. And each of them must be perfectly executed. We will mention only a few.

(-) Quality bookbinding should make the print product: Easy for handling and storage; User-friendly for reading and viewing; Resistant over time.

(-) Applying quality lamination, standard or special finishes will make your print project more beautiful and attractive.

(-) Quality packaging will make the Delivery process hassle-free, and the product will arrive in perfect condition.

Be aware that no matter at what stage your order execution is, you can always rely on our expert advice, fully tailored to your requirements and the specifics of your project.

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