Much more than just an aesthetic effect, colour is a powerful tool that influences the reading process and the memory of it, highlights information, and prioritises messages. In short, the overall use of colour in your printed products can have a much wider impact than when just used for images.

To print in colour, you have the choice of two processes that have different outcomes:

high-resolution printing of pink living corals



Four-colour printing uses the colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, which are juxtaposed in tiny dots to give the visual impression of solid colour. This is why this method is called CMYK or ‘the CMYK colour system’ in English. The lower cost option, four-colour printing, makes it possible to achieve good results with the best quality to price ratio.

Pantone colours allow for extremely precise shades. Each one is associated with a number, they are standardised colours and all referenced in the well-known Pantone colour chart.

The advantages of Pantone printing are many:

More reliable colours thanks to standardised references;

Much higher colour quality;

A process well adapted to medium or large format printing;

The price becomes increasingly competitive for large volume print runs or for monochrome prints;

The colour rendering is noticeably superior to that of the four-colour process;

The ability to have special colours such as gold or silver metallic inks and to print on non-absorbent material.

It’s possible to include one or more Pantone colours in a four-colour print project to combine the advantages of both techniques! Ask your Pulsio Print account manager for advice.

As with every year, Pantone unveiled its colour for 2019 and it is “Living Coral”.

high-resolution printing of a rainbow painting on a person
Colorful comic book hardcover with high-resolution printing.

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