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A print house is built on a wide range of competencies, achieved through years of experience and passion for professionalism. 102 Pulsio Print employees care about the quality of your publications every day!

Management and Administration


7 highly qualified employees create the dynamics at Pulsio Print. They come from different professional backgrounds and apply best practices from their fields of expertise to meet all customer requirements.

Account managers


16 expert account managers whose level of competence has no equivalent. Only results are what is important to them! They are a strong link between Pulsio Print and customers. They are ready to help you in every project and to answer all your questions and all your desires. They are in constant communication with all departments at Pulsio Print.

Prepress and Production


68 associates who monitor the quality of your print files. An excellent team that constantly masters new skills and monitors innovations in printing and lamination processes. They exercise strict quality control because they have specific skills in the design of products. Not only that – the team passes regular technical training because at Pulsio Print we love to keep up to date with what is new in printing!



5 of our employees – the main link in the Pulsio Print brand. Following clients’ needs, they specialize in compliance with tight deadlines and demand for complex logistics solutions!



5 professional technologists – experts in demanding projects, serving 6000 titles before their implementation each year.