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We are proud to be celebrating our 16th anniversary as an environmental printing company. Our personalized services guarantee ecological consciousness right alongside competitive pricing, and client satisfaction. At Pulsio Print, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and are pleased to be known as a trusted eco-friendly printing company. Learn more about our many green printing company practices.

We are both FSC® and PEFC certified, ensuring that products come from responsibly managed forests. This helps to fight against deforestation and ensures that there are social and economic benefits for the communities operating these forests. Learn more about these certified sustainable options.

We offer a wide variety of quality sustainable materials that do not contain any harmful additives. Learn more about sustainable print materials. This includes 100% recycled fiber papers, as well as papers created from natural cloth fibers.

In addition to the materials we offer, we also use eco friendly technology such as H-UV printing. This method highly improves the sustainability of traditional Litho printing with its LightCure feature by lowering use of electricity and inks, creating less waste, and omitting no ozone or odors. Learn more about H-UV printing.

We also employ environmentally efficient color management via printhead technology and color tunning software, which eliminate the need for additional corrections as they deliver unrivalled accuracy. This is key for the reduction of the amount of paper, inks and energy used, as well as the amount of waste created, Learn more about environmentally efficient color management.

We use biodegradable or recyclable packing materials. And strategically plan order deliveries to reduce mileage and transport pollution.

We recycle all possible materials that become useless during production activities, such as water, ink, ink sludge, solvents, paper, wood, plastics and others.

We are proud to have come up with strategies to be environmentally friendly and cost conscious at the same time. And we are enthusiastically searching for more on a continual basis.