Specialized for 14 years in fine art books, soft cover books, advertising catalogues and brochures, we print for 600 publishers and 800 French, English, Belgian and Swiss companies – all very demanding on quality.

We offer ultra-competitive prices thanks to our “Smart Printing” web-to-print system, high order volume and 9 000 m2 production base in Sofia (Eastern Europe).

A 24/7 production with 180 people and our own transport company allow us to offer you very short deadlines.

A very high quality printing in H-UV technology has been offered since January 2018.

We remain at your service for any estimate.

Pulsio Print uses technologies and highly productive organization of work to offer you really low prices!

Ultimate price

To provide high quality at low cost is our daily job. We prove it is easy – renowned publishers edit and print with us over 10,000 products every year.

100% quality

The same way you would use the printer next door, here you will be advised and consulted throughout the whole process of the order. We guarantee quality service and comprehensive information to ensure your peace of mind!

Counseling partner

Are you pressed for time? We engage in fast production and delivery to help you meet your deadlines.

Short turnaround time

The most recent trends in design, printing, lamination and special finishes. Benefit from our experience and expertise in printing to increase your sales!

Creative ideas

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